Wednesday, February 14, 2007

> what is it about?

this blog started as a series of thoughts I got while being on a tour with the Dutch dance group vloeistof (liquid matter) at the i-act-forum in Alexandria, Egypt.

eventually they are becoming so many that I've decided to start this separate blog and link to it.
writing these impressions and thoughts down may clarify more for me and perhaps others interested to read them. as it has been my first time in an Arabic / Middle Eastern country one can see it as a first tentative move towards understanding. please remember you are still talking to a toddler here, these posts will be my baby-steps :-)

the central issue for me is to place my thoughts in the perspective of how does what I experience relate to my views about as I've developed them so far in "the West"? the central question would be: how does this society deal with

any comments are cordially invited!

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