Monday, January 7, 2008

active feet

recently I saw the performances of Maqamat from Beirut / Lebanon (choreographer: Omar Rajeh) , Karima Mansour and Mohammed Shafik from Cairo (including Mohamed Fawzy) all at the Rotterdamse Schouwburg. once again the technical finesse of many of the dancers was striking and awakening for me.

while I watched them, especially the former two, I suddenly realised that my own feet felt flabby and complacent, "asleep" by comparison to their mostly active and agile feet, including their middle-foot bones, toes.

after the last performance by Shafik and his company, I went with them to a party of students from the Rotterdam Dance Academy (codarts) I had an enlightment moment the next morning, where I realised once again that an actively connected body which is experienced as such, makes for a more responsible person in total, but also, how much we all were of the same light, as human beings, as brothers and sisters (as addressed so often in Arabic)

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